2729 Bowdens Ferry Road, Norfolk, VA 23508

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At Rendezvous you will find not just a beautifully revived venue, but also history, charm, and wonder that will take you through this former church’s fascinating past. No longer a religious space, Rendezvous is now host to celebrations of all kinds, from weddings and graduations to retirement ceremonies and birthday soirees. Whatever your next event may be, come celebrate it with us at Rendezvous.


Built around 1897, this church was the second of two. Originally a Methodist church, it was used  during the Civil War as a camp by Union soldiers. In 1864-65, they shot through its walls and stabled horses inside. Today, it’s a venue of architectural interest, having a Victorian Romanesque style, with brick and stone details not found anywhere else in Norfolk. The architect remains unknown to this day, but the stone and stained glass work make for a great place to celebrate, including the belfry tower on the corner.


An onsite catering service will be available from Omar’s Carriage House fine dining cuisine. You can visit the website at www.omarscarriagehouse.com for culinary details and arrangements. Or, if you prefer, you can bring in a catering service of your own preference.

  • Newly renovated bridal suite with private bathroom
  • Two “Barrel Bars”
  • An inviting reception area
  • A capacious ceremony area
  • An open formal banquet area

are you ready TO MAKE MEMORIES?